Lab Members: Past and Present

Some of the Soft Matter Group at their annual Christmas party.

Current PhD, MPhys, and EngD Students

David Makepeace
David at the Rutherford Lab

David Makepeace, who is sponsored by Syngenta, is studying the stratification and ordering of particles in binary colloidal films. Here he is shown during a small-angle neutron scattering experiment at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

David and Phil
Phil in the lab

Phil Richardson, who is sponsored by Synthomer, is studying strain crystallisation in colloidal films of polyisoprene.

Malin playing the cello in a University concert.

Malin Schulz, who is sponsored by Allnex, is studying latex film formation.

Alexey Markov

Alexey Markov is an MPhys student at Surrey who is completing a one-year research project in the Keddie Lab. With funding from the University’s EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account, he is performing Langevin dynamics simulations of particle dynamics during drying processes.

Former Post-Doctoral Researchers

Nacho at the Soft Matter Group Christmas party

Dr Ignacio (Nacho) Martin-Fabiani, who worked on the FP7 BarrierPlus project, is now a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at Loughborough University.


Marius Simina developed NMR diffusometry and relaxometry techniques to study water confined in colloidal polymer films. He now works at Emerson in Romania.

Radek CERN
Radek at CERN

Dr Radek Kowalczyk used NMR relaxometry and profiling to study the drying of waterborne pressure-sensitive adhesives, in a project funded by BASF. He is now an NMR Technical Expert at the University of Reading.

Elisabetta Canetta

Dr Elisabetta Canetta, who worked on the FP6 NAPOLEON project, is now a Lecturer at St. Mary’s University.


Dr Carolina de las Heras Alarcon, who worked on the FP6 NAPOLEON project, now is employed at Aprendo IT.

Piyasiri New

Dr Piyasiri Ekanayake, who used NMR techniques to study the water distribution in drying colloidal films as part of the FP6 NAPOLEON project, is now a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

Watch him talk about dye sensitized solar cells here:

Dr Fiona Frehill (now Moriarty) used AFM nanoindentation techniques to create nucleants for protein crystallisation with funding from EPSRC. She is now a Senior Project Manager at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).


Former PhD and EngD Students

Yang Liu
Yang Liu

Dr Yang Liu, who was sponsored by DSM, is now a post-doc at the University of Toronto in the research group of Professor Mitch Winnik.


Dr Farai Carter, who was an EngD student sponsored by International (AkzoNobel), is now a Senior Research Scientist at the Centre for Process Innovation.

Robert G

Dr Robert Gurney, who was sponsored by Allnex in Belgium, is now a post-doctoral researcher at Wuhan University of Technology in China.

Andre Utgenannt
Andre on the day that he passed his PhD viva.

Dr Andre Utgenannt, who was funded by SEPNet, is now working at Domo Engineering Plastics in Germany.

Laurie Graduation
Laurie is very happy on graduation day!

Dr Laurie Little studied the crystallisation of glycine to understand why different polymorphs are more common. He was supervised by Dr Richard Sear, with Joe as his second supervisor, with funding from EPSRC. Laurie is now travelling the world, as in evidence in the photo below.

Laurie travel
Laurie on his world travels.

Dr Argyrios Georgiadis, who was funded by AkzoNobel, was a Marie Curie fellow at AIN – Asociación de la Industria Navarra.

Professor Tao Wang, who won an Overseas Research Student scholarship from the University of Surrey, is now a Professor of Materials Science at Wuhan University of Technology.

Dr Tecla Weerakkody worked on the FP6 NAPOLEON Project that developed nanostructured waterborne polymer films for applications in adhesives, coatings and cosmetics.

Dan Liu

Dr Dan Liu, who was funded by Angiotech, is an Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering at Wuhan University of Technology.

Wang and Ibraheem
Ibraheem at Surrey’s graduation

Dr Ibraheem Bushnak is now a Visiting Research Fellow at the National Institute of Technology at the University of Alberta in Canada.

Bristol Meeting
Kittyaporn Singsumphan, Akarin Intaniwet, Joe Keddie and Dan Liu at the Polymer Physics Group meeting in Bristol.

Dr Kittyaporn Singsumphan, who was sponsored by the Royal Thai Government, is now a lecturer at Silpakorn University in Bangkok.

Akarin and Robert
Akarin, Patnarin and Robert at a poster session at the IUPAC Polymers Meeting in Glasgow.

Dr Akarin Intaniwet, who was also sponsored by the Royal Thai Government, now is an Assistant Professor at Maejo University.

Akarin Robert Glasgow
Robert, Akarin and Patnarin in Glasgow when attending the IUPAC Polymers Meeting.
Izaro high res

Dr Izaro Lopez Garcia, who was sponsored by Sun Chemical, now is the Industrial Partnerships Manager at the University of Bath.

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