Research Topics and Publications


We do research within the general area of polymer colloids and films. You can see the publications from the Keddie Lab here on Google Scholar.

Watch this movie to see how Nacho Martin-Fabiani made stratified colloidal films that can be controlled with pH adjustments:


Here is a movie that demonstrates the switchable adhesives made by Robert Gurney:


An MPhys student in the Soft Matter Group, Alexey Markov, made a very creative video to introduce the Langevin dynamics simulations of binary colloid stratification. You’ll see that it is quite entertaining.


Joe’s book on Fundamentals of Latex Film Formation, co-authored with Alex Routh, describes all of the stages in which a stable colloid in water is transformed into a cohesive polymer film.


Occasionally, Joe has time to  work in the lab himself. Evidence for his lab work is provided in the photo below.

Joe using the infrared ellipsometer (ca. 2008).

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