Lab News

2 November 2017: Results from the BarrierPlus project on waterborne and surfactant-free coatings for steel were presented at the Norwegian Steel Day in Oslo.

Steel Day
Steel Day in Oslo

October 2017: Our paper combining experiments and modelling of stratification in colloidal films appears as the cover article in the RSC journal, Soft Matter. Available to view for free here:

Soft Matter Article


Soft Matter Cover Article
Cover article by David Makepeace et al.

25 September 2017: Welcome to Joe Hall who has started his EngD degree funded by Syngenta.

Joe Hall 2
Joe Hall – October 2017

20 September 2017: KeddieLab welcomes Christopher Hirth who has just arrived in the UK from Germany to start a research project as an ERASMUS student.

14 September 2017: Double congratulations to Malin Schulz and Phil Richardson who both won runner-up awards of the Alexei Likhtman Poster Prize at the IOP Polymer Physics Group meeting in Swansea!

25 July 2017: We were very pleased to host a seminar by Prof. Rodney Priestley from Princeton University. He gave a great lecture explaining how he makes Janus particles via the very simple and fast method of flash nano-precipitation.

12 July 2017: Joe Keddie delivered the Thomas Graham Lecture at UK Colloids 2017.

David Makepeace UK Colloids
David at the UK Colloids 2017 Meeting

11 July 2017: David Makepeace presented a great poster on colloidal particle ordering and stratification at the UK Colloids 2017 meeting. There was a lot of interest in his work.

3 July 2017: Welcome to Malin Schulz who has joined the Group as a PhD student. She visited the Keddie Lab last year as an ERASMUS student from Clausthal University of Technology.   She enjoyed it here and decided to return for PhD study.

June 2017: Phil Richardson and David Makepeace presented posters at the International Polymer Colloids Group meeting in Arantzazu, Spain. On the last evening, there was a fabulous Basque dinner.


The conference was held at the site of a religious sanctuary in the Basque mountains, as seen in the photo below. Try to find David, Phil and Joe from the Keddie Lab. (Hint: we’re all on the far left side.)


May 2017: Congratulations to David Makepeace who was awarded a travel bursary from the UK MacroGroup to attend the meeting of the International Polymer Colloids Group in northern Spain.

Wang Dan Joe Asher
Dan Liu, Joe Keddie, Tao Wang, and son Asher

April 2017: Congratulations to Tao Wang for winning the VC’s Alumni Young Achiever Award. It was great to see Tao Wang and Dan Liu (and their son, Asher) when they visited the Keddie Lab.

Nacho on AFM
Nacho studying the surface structure of a stratified film using our Lab’s AFM.

March 2016: Our research on self-stratification, which was published in Physical Review Letters,  was reported on the BBC News Website, The IndependentMetro newspaper, The Mirror, IFL Science, website, and The Daily Mail, among others. The paper’s Altmetric score is in the top 5% of all publications.

Stratification Colloidal Films
Snapshots of a Langevin dynamics simulation showing the cross-section of a binary colloidal film, before and after stratification during drying.

Watch a simulation of the self-stratification of colloids, which was made by Dr Andrea Fortini, here.

This research was reported in several national newspapers and the BBC website, as you can see in the screengrabs here:


March 2016: David Makepeace, a PhD student in the Keddie Lab, and Laura Kent from Surrey’s Department of Chemistry, have been awarded £15,000 from a new social enterprise fund at the University. They are using the funds to start up Lab Rats, which is an enterprise to encourage children to enjoy science lessons more. Read more here.

Lab Rats 640-340
David Makepeace – co-founder of Lab Rats


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